Vocational Training Solution

PERTIA INTERNATIONAL developed various “Mobile School” trailers which are designed for up to 35 Children / Students. Together with our Truck- and Trailer partners, engineers, architects and training experts, we offer turnkey projects in various education fields.

Individually we can change the interior setup from Primary to Secondary school stage. We are working closely with teachers and education professionals to develop the best Mobile Classroom System to inspire teachers and engage children.

The classroom and school equipment’s are fully tested to give the required educational environment with IT systems.

Pertia’s  trucks- and trailers are full equipped with all power supplies (noise reduced power generator),   integrated AC / Air Condition and economic heating system.

The trailer structure is expandable during the parking mode and can automatically (hydraulic) increase the trailer width, to ensure enough space for training.


  • Turn-Key Schools in Trailers (extensible system)
  • Fully equipped including classroom furniture
  • Stand-Alone Systems including Power Generator
  • Standard Systems for up to 35 children / scholar
  • Networking interfaces for multi-teaching


Mobile Training Center

Mobile Medical Training Center

Media Library Unit