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“ Designing a winning strategy consists in integrating contextual complexity into the definition of our value-added solution, and in mobilizing efficient means to achieve targeted performance

M. Saad E. Benabdallah – Chairman of the Board


According to the World Health Organization,  only 40% of pregnant women in low-income countries had the recommended antenatal care visits attributed mostly to poverty, distance, lack of information, inadequate services and skilled health workers as well as cultural practices. Nearly half of all newborns in Africa do not receive skilled care resulting in over a million deaths annually, two thirds of which can be prevented.

Moreover, the challenges in african countries include inadequate number of trained teachers, accessibility and cost of education among many other critical factors that hamper access to quality education and training. Youth unemployment levels in emerging and developing countries continues to rise and concerted efforts by all relevant stakeholders in the private and public sectors must play a major role in tackling this growing problem.

It is against this backdrop that “PERTIA” has built its mission. Our programs and mobile units are designed by international experts, supervised and delivered by international and local qualified industrial partners & trainers from renowned University, training and Hospital Centers  worldwide.

“PERTIA” medical services provide the best and efficient solutions to move medical equipements and patients anywhere in the world. We offer a wide range of medical flight services, from our cargo medical flights to the “bed-to-bed” private service for patients with the most urgent medical needs.


PERTIA INTERNATIONAL provides solutions in the health, education, vocational training and water treatment sectors. The Group Pertia is present in Morocco, Ivory Coast, Senegal, France, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and the United States.


“PERTIA” products and services meet the most advanced technologies in healthcare, vocational training and water treatment. Our products and services meet the international standards. The objective is to offer innovative and reliable solutions to our client and partners.

“PERTIA” medical services provide the best and efficient solutions to move medical equipements and patients anywhere in the world. We offer a wide range of medical flight services, from our cargo medical flights to the “bed-to-bed” private service for patients with the most urgent medical needs.


We offer “Turnkey” solutions :
• Military Field Hospitals,
•Intensive care and trauma units,
•Blood collection, ophthalmology, laboratory and Obstetric Care unit

Medical Crago Flights

We can get closer to any destination “Worldwide”:
• Access to airports and airfields outside of scheduled routes,
•Supplies get closer and faster to their destination,
•Life-saving materials delivered in huge quantities faster

Medical Flights

Air ambulance “Worldwide” :
• Safe, experienced, and dependable medical air service provider,
• Medical team  provide necessary assistance during transfer,
• Bed-to-bed medical air service including ground transportation

Water Treatment

We offer “Plug and Play” solutions:
• Desalination of water
• Desalination of sea water
• Integrated water resources <management

Vocational Training

We offer “Plug and Play” solutions :
• Local Trades Training Center
• Turnkey schools in trailers (expandable system)
• Media library

Modular Units

`We offer “Turnkey” solutions :
• Field Hospitals and Care Centers,
• School Groups,
• Training centers


Our company, led by one of Africa & the Middle East’s most accomplished business leaders, Mr. Saad E.Benabdallah.

Pertia’s top management is working closely with an international team of architects, engineers and experts in the health, education and water treatement, to develop the best solutions with the latest technologies and innovations.

For that the team has put skills, imagination and rigor to achieve the wildest dreams and objetcives of our clients. Pertia’s products and services give priority to understand the political, social and economic   objectives our clients expect to accomplish.

As a player in Sub-Saharan Africa, and within the past decade, PERTIA has delivered mobile medical and training units (operating & surgery blocs, obstetrical centers, delivery rooms and training centers). The Group has trained more than 1,500 professionals in healthcare, electrical mechanic technology, new technologies, mechanics and tourism in various countries such as Ivory Coast, Republic of Congo, Mali, and Guinea.



Perseverance is the key to a successful results. Pertia’s team keep persevering to achieve your true potential. 


Quality reflects on our company’s reputation. Pertia strives  for quality in our products and services.


Reliability, to our clients and stakeholder is the central defining characteristic of Pertia’s work ethic .


Diversity, Pertia International’s team is from more than 10 countries and speaks more than 06 languages


Mobile Unit for Obstetric Care and Training “SONU”

Vocational Training Units

Mobile Operating Room

Maternal Mortality Reduction Program

Health Skills Management Program


address :

Headquarter : 2, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Road Rashideya 3, Ajman Amberjem Tower, 13 Floor, Office E1-1318F PO BOX 413250, U.A.E.

Regional Office : Avenue Moulay El Hassan, Résidence Benmlih, 5th Floor,Office 20 : 1, 2 & 3, 40000 Marrakech. Morocco

Production Site : Parc Industriel CFCIM “ECOPARK DE BERRECHID”, N°185, Casablanca, Morocco

Email :