As the healthcare infrastructure is becoming overwhelmed and hospitals around the world are reaching their capacities, new alternative possibilities are emerging in response to bed shortage and facility saturation 1 accessibility. Hence Pertia International’s experts are focusing their know how to provide you with fast and efficient design solutions that can be implemented anywhere.

Our structures are flexible, fast assembled, mobile, and simple. Our Solutions are rapidly deployed rest, surgery and recovery units, as well as Intensive Care Units. They are designed and built for doctors and can be shipped anywhere.

Pertia International’s architects have designed an efficient, flexible and affordable modular hospital to increase basic and intensive care capacity on a national and international level.

The construction system of the field hospital is based on the use of steel material and inflatable fabrics, assembled in an innovative way to meet the strict requirements for air contamination in hospitals.

You will have your Turn-Key fields hospitals in 6 weeks!


  • Turn-Key fields hospitals.
  • Fully equipped including furnitures
  • Stand-Alone Systems including Power Generator
  • Standard Systems for up to 30 patients
  • Networking interfaces for Tele-medecine